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Updated: Apr 29, 2021

First thing is first - this day has been about four years in the making. I spent my life from the age of 16 - 34 being gainfully employed, at progressively more senior roles, with better titles and better pay. I very much took for granted how lucky I was to be in these positions for the majority of my life, and figured it was all just the result of my hard work and dedication.

In 2016, I moved to Miami Beach from Toronto, when the company I worked for, opened an office here and asked if I would leave Toronto in the dead of winter and move to a tropical location to manage their first international location (it was a very quick yes), and the rest is history. Fast forward about 18 months and that company closed unexpectedly, leaving the employees stranded and quickly trying to figure out our next move. Being Canadian, I also had the added fun of losing my work visa, and with it - my ability to legally work in the US. Expecting it to take 4-6 weeks to get my visa figured out, I started aggressively applying for jobs, figuring that by the time I had gone through the interview process, I would have secured my visa and be running off into the sunset with my amazing job and a cocktail on the beach. I was wrong. Like, very wrong. It took eight months to get my visa. On top of that, I was living in a country where I was not legally allowed to make a single dollar, where I had no credit history, so loans and credit cards were impossible to secure. I spent most of my savings and maxed out my Canadian credit cards paying for basic needs, but the surprising part was that regardless of my legal ability to work, I was getting zero traction on the resumes I had been sending out. I was following all the rules - creating a unique resume for each job, addressing them to an individual, telling them something interesting about myself (eye roll), following up, trying to connect with them on LinkedIn, and...*tumbleweed*

I did get a call from a company that had a "Director" role posted that was paying about $50,000 under what a typical Director role would pay, and after applying for 50+ jobs, I never heard a single word back - not so much as a "your resume is horrible", or "we are moving forward with an internal candidate". I started to see some glaring issues in the hiring and recruitment industries, but rather than think about doing anything to solve them, the funds were running low, and I was getting desperate to find a job (and this was pre COVID when the economy was still booming in a candidates market). Looking back, I realize now that when you are in the storm, you don't think about how to fix the storm, you are just concerned with surviving the storm and getting to tomorrow - and I can tell you that the stress and anxiety that comes with long term unemployment is high and often paralyzing, which then takes a toll on your mental health, and on and on. It is a vicious, dark, cycle. I lost my job in January, I got my visa back in September and it wasn't until January of the next year that I managed to secure suitable employment - one full year of the vicious dark cycle.

Now for those thinking I was holding out for a high paying job or was fresh out of college and looking for a C suite position - I wasn't. From the time I got my visa in September and could legally work, I tried to secure a gig job, serving or bartending job, but the only way I could make money was to deliver for Postmates. I went from making six figures a year, to delivering burritos to a sweaty dude in jogging pants that were one size too small and a tank top that he got 15 years earlier on Spring Break. Never in my life have I thought I was better than something or someone, so I was perfectly fine to do Postmates and deliver food, but the fact of the matter is that the pay is horrible, people tip horribly (you make between $2.25 - $3.50 per delivery, and each delivery takes appx 20-30 minutes, so Postmates delivery drivers can really only make about $5.00-$7.50 an hour because there are only a few hours a day with enough demand to keep you going. You rely heavily on your tips to stay just above poverty levels. So if you are still reading -understand that if you're too lazy or busy working a a job and making money to go out and get your own food, then for god sakes, tip your delivery people appropriately. Nobody is delivering your tacos because they're going to retire early - they're in survival mode, or maybe saving up to put their kid through college.

Since that time, I landed what I thought was my dream job (it wasn't), because I knew in my gut that I had to embark on this new endeavor. It was the depths of COVID, unemployment rates were the worst they had been since the Depression and all I could think of were how many people were in that same dark cycle I had experienced, with very few options ahead of them. To be honest - I have known for four years that I am supposed to take on the issues with recruitment and hiring that I have seen and experienced, but was too distracted or fearful to do anything about it. Enter 2020 and enter hyred.

I have spent the last four years, quietly watching, notating and speaking to candidates and recruiters about their pain points in the process and the one thing that keeps coming back is "the process is broken and I don't know how to fix it".

hyred is being launched with the stories of thousands of people behind it. My story is only one, but was thankfully the story that lit a fire under my ass to stop being so ignorant and privileged. I will be very honest when I say that prior to the last 3-5 years, I thought good, smart, hardworking people don't become unemployed - only lazy people do. I was ignorant and I was uneducated and I apologize.

We are setting out to solve more than just getting people hired, we are setting out to do it in the fastest, smartest, most inclusive and unbiased way. To learn more check out our FAQ section of our website (, where we go into a little more detail on exactly how that works.

What am I rambling on about? If you are unemployed - I see you. If you are at a job you hate, that is abusive and because our elected officials have sat on their hands and done nothing to effectively pass any form of labor laws to protect you, and you need the pay check to feed hungry mouths at home - I see you. I can give you my personal promise that I am setting out to find solutions to these issues and get people back to work after COVID-19, get people good paying jobs that suit their skills, and to do it with a fair, equitable and inclusive process that focuses on their skills and experiences, and with complete disregard for race, gender, age, ability, body type or sexual orientation.

It's a new day and we need a new way of doing - that's hyred. I am always available to help answer questions, listen to issues you have personally experienced or to just lend a sympathetic email is - reach out.

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