This is hyred's employer process for the fastest, smartest, most inclusive and unbiased way of matching candidates with their perfect job.  Are you lookig for a job?  We are hiring.  Get a job.  Find a job fast.  Best Job.  What is the best job?  hyred is the fastest, smartest way for matching you with candidates.  we verify candidates against job postings with an 85%+ accuracy match on skill set and experience, and all with a simple swipe of a finger. Step 1 - create an account setup company account choose between a pay per post or monthly subscription service. Step 2 - build your employer brand.
  • build your employer brand:
    • company name
    • years in business
    • # of employees
    • benefits
    • video testimonials
    • equality and diversity policies.
  • Step 3 - post jobs
  • post jobs with intuitive standardized templates.
  • select any mandatory skill sets / assessments required.
Step 4 - check your candidate pipeline
  • pipeline populates with ranked candidate profiles / applications.
  • visible applications meet 85%+ of job reqs and assessments.
  • to approve candidates swipe right, to pass on a candidate - swipe left
Step 5 - Begin Interviews
  • once approved, candidates are notified and prompted to set up an interview.
  • no wasted time chasing candidates for interview times / contact info.
  • once interview is confirmed, employer receives full candidate profile and resume.
All interviews will be conducted through Zoom and a link through Calendly.  Calendly is the best way to integrate scheduling job interviews.
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