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One of the most crucial roles in our organization.  The Director of Technology & Innovation will report directly to the CEO and be in charge of all things technology and....well...innovation.

Our app is currently in production and will be ready for launch in September 2021, so this role will be instrumental in ensuring we meet our targets and will oversee all teams in charge of developing the MVP, getting it to market, features, server interactions, scripts, deployment stage maps, and SSH's. 

This role should have minimum 8 years experience in a similar role and be very comfortable and fluent in iOS and Android programming languages for mobile (Swift, Java, Objective C, JavaScript, Python and Ruby to name a few). 

You must be a self starter who works well without supervision, be comfortable running a team, making decisions, and have excellent time management skills.  This role will also need excellent inter-personal skills and be comfortable with public speaking and explaining the technical side of our product to non technical people as you will be expected to speak to investors, C Suite Executives, direct reports and external agencies.

You will make critical business tech decisions, regarding risk and security of our products, product testing / quality assurance, tech design planning, product architecture layout and development platform selection.

As we are a startup company with a very lean team, the Director - Technology & Innovation will be expected to fill many tech roles, and fill gaps we may have in the upcoming months where our technology, programming and innovation are concerned.  Previous app development and start up experience would be a definite asset.

You will support all company marketing and financial goals by ensuring that our technology provides all agreed upon aspects and make recommendations on best practices for efficiency, speed and keeping our technology ahead of the game.  Everyone on the team has an  important opinion and each opinion matters as much as the next.

In simple terms, this role thinks about our future, maps it, and then implements the step by step technology plan / growth roadmap to achieve our corporate goals and strategies.

Experience in Human Resources or Recruiting technology would be ideal, but not required.  This role will be expected to perform other roles as required.

As hyred is in its first four months of operation, this role will be based in equity / company ownership only (no salary) until our investors are confirmed.  We understand this is not likely an ideal situation for most, so this role would be best suited towards someone willing to take a risk, someone in between jobs, or someone who believes in what we are trying to do and is as passionate in ensuring we get there - this role will be compensated as soon as our investments are confirmed.

Should you wish to be considered, please send a resume to hello@hyredapp.com. We appreciate all who have taken the time to apply.

Equal Opportunity Employment Statement:

At hyred, we demand to be surrounded by different and diverse people and voices.  We believe that the more diverse a team, the better the ideas, and the better the outcome.  Hyred is an equal opportunity employer. Employment at Hyred is based solely on an individuals merit and qualifications directly related to their professional competence. Hyred does not discriminate against any employee or applicant because of race, creed, color, religion, gender identity, sexual orientationgender identity/expression, national origin, disability, age, genetic information, veteran status, marital status, pregnancy or related condition (including breastfeeding), or any other basis protected by law.

It is Hyred's policy to comply with all applicable national, state and local laws pertaining to nondiscrimination and equal opportunity. The Company's EEO policy, includes the full & complete support of the Company, including its Chief Executive Officer with a zero tolerance policy towards harassment or discrimination of any kind. Because at the end of the day - we are trying to leave the world a better place than we found it.