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Unemployed?  Need a better job?  

Sick of writing resumes & lengthy  applications?

Open jobs and no qualified applicants?

Welcome to hyred. The fastest, smartest, and unbiased way of matching candidates with jobs. 

Our mobile app saves you time and money, by matching candidates with the best jobs via our dynamic algorithm, while also removing bias and human error via our blind application process.  Oh, and did we tell you that you do it all with the swipe of your finger?

Post a job Monday.  Interview Wednesday.  Send offer Friday.  That's hyred.


create your free account

It takes 10 seconds to sign up for a free account.


  • one time profile creation.

  • single swipe job applications and candidate approvals.

  • no writing resumes or cover letters.

  • no scanning resumes or cover letters.

  • no keyword searches or job boards.

  • automated interview setup.


of candidates will quit submitting a job application due to length and complexity.


  • optimized for mobile.

  • dynamic algorithm matches candidates & job postings with 85%+ accuracy across 25+ data validation points.

  • individually curated job lists for candidates.

  • highly qualified candidate pipeline for recruiters.

  • automated communication at every step.


of companies want to invest in recruitment sourcing tools & technology.


  • blind, data based recruitment does not give personal information to recruiters.

  • algorithm increases diversity & reduces human error by focusing on professional abilities & experience.

  • applicants are submitted in ranked order based on job match.

  • diversity reports sent monthly for every job posting.


of hiring managers say diversity is a top trend impacting how they hire.

Coming September 2021

how it works


what makes hyred different?

Hyred is not a job board - you cannot search for jobs. We are built on three principles - to expedite the hiring process, to do it in a data based way using our dynamic algorithm, and to remove human error and implicit bias.

We do not use key search words - our algorithm takes every candidate profile and verifies it against every job posting to find an 85%+ accuracy match (candidates can't see jobs that don't match their skills, education, salary, and experience).

No more job searching - with hyred, you're covered. Our app curates a personalized job list, just for you, and when you're ready to apply, it's a simple swipe of a finger. No more wasted time on resumes and cover letters.

how do you remove bias?

To ensure the most qualified candidates get the job - we removed access to unnecessary personal information that can be used to create biased opinions in the process (think names, photos, addresses).

With hyred - recruiters make candidate decisions based on what really matters - skill set, education and professional experience (not age, gender, race, or ability).  And because our app utilizes data validation, most human error is removed as well (no more 6 second resume scans).

what does it cost?

For candidates, using hyred is free!  

For employers & recruiters - we get the job done for less.  Job postings are paid per post or with a monthly subscription.  Imagine the time saved, not having to sort through 200+ resume submissions, and getting to spend that time on a shortlist of data verified candidates instead. 


Your candidate pipeline can only be populated with candidates who have applied  to your posting, and the only way they can apply to your posting is if they were already verified as matching 85%+ of your needs. 

Post Monday, interview Wednesday, offer Friday!

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